Administration Administration


The Ministry of Finance in support of the process of Institutional Capacity – Building for sustainable development as outlined in the Vision 2030 embarked upon various training programmes spearheaded by different Directorates among them the Directorate of Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise and co-coordinated by the Directorate of Administration which are aimed at improving revenue collection and ensuring good accounting and financial management throughout the public service.


The current filling systems, in the government are not in order and non-functional as per National Archive requirements. Staff members are not using the system as stipulated in the National Archives Act of 1992. All document are suppose to be sent to the registry office for proper filling but not to be kept in the office to occupy office space. Therefore, the Office of the Prime Minister introduced the Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) which is an electronic way of keeping records in a proper filling process, management and easy way to access or retrieves the records. Filling Systems are important for the Ministry because it contain vital communication, Government to Government. Business to Government, and Government to Citizens or interchangeably. One day when certain records are needed in case of court case it would be able to retrieve that particular record. Or staff changes in the office, the new comer will be able to follow the work that has been done by his/her predecessor.