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The Director: PPP
Phone: 061-209 2083

Ministry of Finance Head Office—8th Floor
Moltke Street


PPP Staff

 Director (Vacant)




  Phone: +264 61 209 2557




Elifas Luaanda | Deputy Director (Outreach and Capacity Building)


  Phone: +264 61 209 2921

  Email: elifas.luaanda@mof.gov.na


Mr. Elifas Luaanda has responsibilities of coordinating PPP capacity building program in the country and assist public entities in preparation and taking to market of the PPP projects and demonstrate workability, Compiling and updating PPP guidance manuals and other reference material on PPPs and actively disseminating such information to relevant stakeholders


Rauna Mukumangeni | Deputy Director (Project Appraisals)

  Phone: +264 61 209 2617

  Email: rauna.mukwambi@mof.gov.na


Ms. Rauna Mukumangeni is responsible for coordination and interface with various public entities with respect to Public Private Partnership (PPP) project applications and supporting documentation to facilitate appraisal of project applications, Lead reviewing of project reports and recommendations submitted to the PPP Committee at the Ministry of Finance with respect to a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project, including review of feasibility analysis documentation (technical, financial and economic evaluation methods/models)


Johannes N Shipepe | Chief Economist (Project Appraisals)


  Phone: +264 61 209 2975

  Email: johannes.shipepe@mof.gov.na


Mr. Johannes Shipepe is responsible for reviewing the Transaction Advisor’s (TA) analysis and submissions to ascertain that the project under review is expected to offer Value for Money (VFM) and is expected to be affordable to the government (owner public entity) and users / beneficiaries, compilation of analysis briefs on projects under review and responding to queries from the PPP Committee with an objective of facilitating informed decision making


Sofia N Shino | Chief Economist(Outreach and Capacity Building)


  Phone: +264 61 209 2694

  Email: sofia.shino@mof.gov.na


Ms. Sofia Shino is responsible for Interactions and collaboration with government stakeholders for assistance in developing PPP project concepts, coordination of PPP capacity building in the country, Collaboration with multilateral and development finance institutions in conceptualising programs and funding packages targeted at PPP project development, capacity building and related activities


Lea Josaphat | Private Secretary


  Phone: +264 61 209 2083

  Email: lea.josaphat@mof.gov.na


Lea S Josaphat is the private secretary to the Director of Public Private Partnerships in Ministry of Finance. She is responsible for providing administration services necessary for the success of the directorate.